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The 50 best sci-fi movies ever | GamesRadar+

Cinema has been reaching for the stars since its birth. In 1902 Georges Melies took us on A Trip To The Moon (one of the first documented sci-fi films) and we’ve been in love with the great beyond ever since. While some genres have blossomed and faded with time, sci-fi has always retained a strong presence on the big screen.So, choosing the 50 best sci-fi movies is a bit of a challenge. Nonetheless, after several sleepless nights and a bit of time-travelling to squeeze in some extra hours, here we are. So strap in, and get ready for an epic journey. Just make sure you check the air vents for any ‘unwelcome passengers’. You have air vents where you are, right? Oh.

Source : The 50 best sci-fi movies ever | GamesRadar+